Marianne Sock

“The art lies in predicting a moment and then capturing it in an image.”

Marianne Sock, photographer, born in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia, knows what she’s talking about. After training at a prestigious photographer’s studio in Augsburg, her professional life has been shaped by many years of experience – in front of and behind the camera. She knows that trust is the basis for showing true beauty. So from 1990 Marianne Sock pursues cosmetics and beauty photography, with great success – until she falls in love. A little cat conquers her heart. This sparks a new creative passion, and over the years she builds up a huge archive of cat photography. Book covers, calendars and three of her own books document her success in the wonderful world of cats.

“Photography isn’t just a job – for me, it’s pure passion.”

After this period of lots of cat photography, Marianne Sock needs to take a break. Long walks and the light of Ibiza, the “Isla Blanca” refresh her spirit and inspire her to look to new things. And so she finds her next big passion: macro photography of flowers. Discovering the hidden, showing creation in all its glory: this becomes her mission. In a world that is always getting louder and more fast-paced, she aims to instil calm and show the essential through reduction – to cast a new focus. Every image lets the onlooker discover a new detail of nature.

Marianne Sock works freelance on the island, in her own studio. Wide-angle landscape photography and her portrait photography, which she learned from scratch and has gone on to develop further, round off her shining portfolio and the website’s gallery.